Online Quality Measurements

Severn Trent Services offers a range of online monitoring solutions, which have been designed for ease-of-use and maintenance simplicity, while offering benefits of process control.

Combining latest generation measurement techniques and robust designs ensures accuracy and reliability with minimal need for manual cleaning and routine maintenance - a pre-requisite for online monitoring of parameters at often unmanned sites.

Our online monitoring solutions include:

Specifically designed for drinking and wastewater treatment plants and swimming pool applications, the MicroChem®2 instrument is able to measure up to three of the following parameters: pH, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Conductivity, 4-20 mA and Temperature (PT100). The MicroChem2 includes four groups of instruments: transmitter, controller, swimming pool controller, aeration basin controller.

- Conductivity: EC4000 probe
- Chlorine: KC4000 cell
- Dissolved Oxygen: DO4000 probe
- ORP: RX4000 probe
- pH: PH4000 probe

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